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The Building & Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 was created to provide a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to resolving payment disputes in the building and construction industry in Queensland.

Parties who are unable to resolve a payment dispute proceed to Adjudication and have an independent adjudicator decide the entitlement to payment.

The decision search facility allows you to view the adjudication decisions that have been decided and released to the parties in dispute.

In adjudication the person who has carried out the work is known as the claimant and is seeking payment, the person who has received the benefit of the work and is alleged to owe the payment is known as the respondent.

Adjudication decisions are published on the BCIPA website whether a claimant has been fully successful or not. Please ensure you read the decisions in full, as a respondent who has had an adjudication matter lodged against them may not necessarily have been found liable for the payment.

BCIPA – Decision Search Tips

When searching for details it is easier to search on a smaller range than full details. E.G. John Smith Corporation as a claimant is best searched by typing John in the search field only and using the wildcard search facility.

To wildcard search, place a % before and after a name. For Example, to search John Smith Corporation you should type %smith%. Any adjudication decisions with the name Smith will then be listed. You can scroll through the matters and select those relevant to your search.

This search option is particularly helpful for companies with initials such as JW Constructions. You could wildcard search %constructions% rather than searching different initial configurations that may have been entered such as: JW, J W or J.W etc.

Some claimants may have also been respondents and vice versa so you may wish to search the party you are looking for as a claimant and then again as a respondent.
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